New Patio and Driveway Bournemouth

New patio Bournemouth

Installing a New Patio & Driveway Overview

MacWest transformed this client’s property by installing a new block paved driveway in the front and doing a complete makeover of the back garden installing an artificial lawn and new patio area.

The problem

Our client needed a front drive that was easy to take care of and looked neat. His backyard needed some TLC too. He was fed up with his existing shed and hot tub was an eyesore and giving him a headache. Plus, his artificial grass had seen better days and needed a refresh.  Mr Smith was eager to give his outdoor space a makeover, aiming to turn the back into an appealing and relaxing retreat and the front into a respectable driveway.

New driveway Bournemouth

Our New Driveway & Patio Solution

The front and back garden went through a major transformation. The driveway included a process of excavation, precise weed control, and the establishment of a robust foundation using MOT Type 1 road stone and sharp sand. The 90m² of omega driveway blocks were laid neatly, creating a seamless finish that was further enhanced with the application of kiln-dry sand, ensuring not only stability but also an appealing aesthetic. Moving on to the back garden, we started by clearing out the existing shed, decking, and hot tub. The 60m² area was then excavated, paving the way for an artificial lawn. A 10-linear-meter brickwork step, 4x2 timber frame, and 14 tons of MOT Type 1 road stone were installed to create a solid foundation.

Grano dust was applied, leveled, and consolidated, with a weed membrane securing the groundwork for the artificial lawn, firmly fixed to the frame using galvanized screws. The finishing touches included the precise application of kiln-dry sand and a good thorough cleanup. Adding to the charm of our client’s property, approximately 30m² of grey sandstone paving was supplied and installed to create a beautiful patio, accompanied by an easy joint-pointing compound for a polished appearance. To wrap it all up, a brand-new sub-base was laid for the shed, completing the comprehensive makeover of both front and back gardens into stunning and functional outdoor spaces.

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