Property - Castle Lane


The bramble bush was 5 metres by 3 metres and was encroaching into the garden space as well as over the fence.

The pond was filled with overgrown and unwanted plants, as well as stale water and debris.

Other hedges in the garden had not been maintained and were making the garden look untidy.

At the back of the garden there was an old shed which the client asked to be removed, as well as some waste material and debris.


We fully removed the whole bramble bush and disposed of the waste. We dug out the roots and levelled the ground underneath by filling the pond with the extra topsoil after clearing it out.

We soft landscaped by levelling the bed which improved the drainage of the soil quality, allowing for better nutrient absorption meaning some new plants or flowers can grow and flourish.

We trimmed the hedges back which were overgrown and shaped them to the clients preferences.

We got rid of the old shed and cleared all the other waste for the client.


The result was a garden which was unrecognisable from the one we saw when we first arrived. 

The amount of space in the garden had dramatically increased, making it look bigger and easier to maintain.

With the bramble gone, the beds levelled, hedges trimmed and the shed gone, the client was left with a garden which has significant potential, is more spacious, tidier, easier to maintain and far safer!

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