Property - Christchurch


The lawn was initially in reasonable condition - but needed to be mowed, aerated, and treated to bring it back to the vibrant green the client wanted in time for summer.

The beds had started to become overrun with weeds and some unwanted plant species had begun to come through, which the client was finding hard to stay on top of.


We mowed the lawn back to the ideal length and tidied up the edges. We aerated the lawn and put lawn seed down. All that was left was for the client to water the grass regularly to ensure the best results.

We removed all the weeds from the beds and took care of any unwanted plants.

After tidying up we got rid of all the waste.


We came back to perform a monthly maintenance visit on the property and found that the lawn had transformed into a luscious shade green. 

As a result the garden had become a picturesque landscape with healthy grass alongside well kept beds and plants.

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