Property - Queens Park


The garden itself had not been maintained in some time. This meant the grass was overgrown, there was an abundance of weeds in the beds and walkways, weeds and unwanted plant species growing in the beds, as well as tree stumps coming through.


We came in and first trimmed back the heavily overgrown areas of grass with a strimmer. 

Following this we mowed the lawn and cut it back to a suitable length. We finished the lawn by strimming and cutting the edges to make the garden look neat and tidy.

We removed all the weeds from beds by strimming them back and digging out the leftover species of weeds. 

Once fully weeded we dug out the remaining tree stumps which were beginning to surface and levelled the surface out to improve soil quality and drainage. 

This enabled us to lay down a plastic sheet on the membrane to prevent further weeds coming through and covered the surface with shingle to transform the beds into a smart and elegant area for the client to place ornaments and plant pots on top.

Finally we removed all the waste and cleaned up any leftover debris.


The result was a fully tidied and maintained garden which the client could be proud of. 

This has enabled the client to more easily maintain their garden, saving them time and effort. Perfect as it was just in time for BBQ season!

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